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AEU Meeting Date 4 Jan 2023                     Last Updated 7 Jan 2023

This month’s session was led by long time Access developer, Karl Donaubauer (MVP). It was used to demonstrate 15 of his favourite tips, tricks and tools for Access.

Karl is constantly collecting techniques, tools, solutions and explanations that you don’t hear and read everywhere. This time for example:
      •   Access/VBA settings overlooked for decades
      •   how to program Access properties in VBA that don’t exist in VBA
      •   how to get return code (exit code) from external programs
      •   finally, the horizontal continuous form
      •   a tool to generate & integrate QR codes at the push of a button
      •   a tool that generates professional related test data
      •   context menus without right mouse, colours in combo and list boxes… and other small stuff

So even if you think you already know everything about Access, this session is guaranteed to show you something completely new or that you've forgotten.

Karl's websites include and his new blog site


Click to download the database used in this presentation with all code / links etc:

      Example application with all code       ACCDB file - Approx 1.4 MB (zipped)


The meeting was recorded and the video is available on the Access Europe YouTube channel at or you can click below:


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