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Version 1.0      Updated 3 Jan 2022               Approx 90 kB

This is a replacement date picker with no Active X controls.
It can also be used in 64-bit Access.

It was originally posted in this thread at Access World Forums in Jan 2018

The calendar form is loosely based on open source code by Brendan Kidwell from 2003 which can be found at:

However, I've since made extensive changes to the appearance of the calendar form.

If all you want is a visual calendar, it will certainly do that.
However, its main purpose is to input a date in a form textbox.

All you need for that is one line of code in the textbox click event:


A Better Date Picker  

Click the image to view a larger version ...


DatePickerForm DatePickerFormM2S

  Private Sub txtDate_Click()
     InputDateField txtDate, "Select a date to use this on your form"   'Modify text as required
  End Sub

The string "Select a date to use this on your form" is used for info on the form and can be adapted to suit.

To use, copy frmDatePicker and modDatePicker to your own application.
Ignore frmMain - its only needed for the example app

Click to download:  Better Date Picker     (zipped)

The calendar week display runs from Sundays through to Saturdays

UPDATE - 3 Jan 2022
Following a request at Utter Access forum, I created an alternative version with the calendar display week starting on Mondays and ending on Sundays.

Click to download:  Better Date Picker: Mon-Sun     (zipped)

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