We work with clients to advise on creating systems to suit business needs. This can include updating existing Access databases and creating new Access applications for use with relational database management systems (RDBMS) such as SQL Server. We can also provide full training in the use of database systems and applications including any maintenance requirements.

From our own extensive experience of working with a wide range of Access databases for over 25 years, we have detailed knowledge of the benefits of working with Access for rapid application development (RAD). Our experience also means that we can clearly advise on when another solution would be more appropriate for your needs and the types of data involved.

We are based in the United Kingdom but have a variety of clients in several countries across Europe, North & South America, the Middle East & Asia.

If you are interested in exploring whether Mendip Data Systems can provide database systems/applications to suit your business priorities, please send us an email with a brief outline of the scale and nature of the work involved.

We will then arrange an online meeting with you using a service such as Teams or Zoom to discuss your requirements in more detail.
This will also provide a first opportunity to get to know each other and hopefully build up the trust needed for a successful working partnership.

Where required, a non-disclosure agreement can be drawn up before any work commences.

An estimated cost and expected timescale will be supplied once full details of the work required are agreed.
If there are any unforeseen complications, clients will be advised of the likely additional costs before proceeding.

Database consultancy work is currently charged at £80 (GBP) per hour and much of this can normally be done remotely.
Where any onsite work is required, this will be done at times to suit clients' circumstances.

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The following details apply to both new applications and upgrades to existing applications / systems:

1.   You MUST be an authorised user of the company's network and of any supplied file(s)
2.   All supplied Access file(s) must be in MDB or ACCDB format
      It is NOT possible to update existing MDE / ACCDE files as the code is inaccessible.
3.   If the files are password protected, the passwords MUST be provided
4.   If the data is sensitive, you can make copies where tables are emptied (or the contents replaced with ‘dummy’ data)
5.   If the databases are split, the backend file(s) should also be supplied
6.   If the files include workgroup/user level security (ULS), details must be provided so the files can be opened.
7.   Items no longer supported by Access can NOT be converted for use in newer Access versions e.g. pivot tables/charts are not supported in Access 2013 or later
8.   If the update requires converting files to work in 64-bit versions of Access, this will normally involve additional work and a higher price will need to be charged.
9.   A secure location will be made available for file transfers.

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Please use the contact form below if you wish to make use of our database consultancy service or if you have any questions.

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