No matter how well designed and maintained, all Access databases may get damaged over a period of time.
Sometimes this may be due to poor coding. At other times, problems can get triggered by Access / Office / Windows updates.

Often, such issues may initially cause very few problems but over time, the impact may increase.
In some cases, you may notice a gradual decline in performance. In other cases, certain objects such as forms & reports may no longer work correctly.

If database corruption sets in, eventually your database(s) may become unusable. In extreme cases, you may lose all access to your data.
Clearly, it is far better to deal with such issues well BEFORE you reach that point.

You may be tempted to purchase one of the heavily advertised database repair applications.
However, from my experience these often deliver far less than they promise and usually offer poor value for money.

From our own extensive experience of working with Access databases for over 25 years, we have detailed knowledge of the many reasons why problems can occur and how they can be fixed. We can provide this repair service for all clients as we own all Access versions from 1.0 (released 1992) through to the current subscription version, 365.

We will endeavour to return your database to its original condition at the end of the process.

The repaired database should look and behave exactly like the original but work correctly in your specified version / bitness of Access.

Other than in cases of severe corruption, it should be possible to do this without any loss of data.

This should save you MANY hours of work needed to re-create the forms/reports (etc) yourself and therefore be very cost effective.

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1.   You MUST be an authorised user of any supplied file(s)
2.   All Access file(s) must be in MDB or ACCDB format
      It is NOT possible to fully convert MDE / ACCDE files as the code is inaccessible.
3.   If the files are password protected, the passwords MUST be provided
4.   If the data is sensitive, you can make copies where tables are emptied (or the contents replaced with ‘dummy’ data)
      A non-disclosure agreement can be drawn up if required before any work commences.
5.   If the databases are split, the backend file(s) should also be supplied
6.   If the files include workgroup/user level security (ULS), details must be provided so the files can be opened.
7.   Items no longer supported by Access can NOT be converted for use in newer Access versions e.g. pivot tables/charts are not supported in Access 2013 or later

Database repair work is currently charged at £80 (GBP) per hour and can normally be done remotely. If onsite work is required, this will be done at times to suit clients' circumstances.
A quotation will be supplied on receipt of the relevant file(s)
If there are any unforeseen complications, clients will be advised of the likely cost before proceeding.

If the update requires converting files to work in 64-bit versions of Access, this will normally involve additional work.
As a result, a higher price will need to be charged.

Unless otherwise agreed, the repair service is NOT intended to fix other design/coding errors in client databases.
However, if that is required, the estimated cost will be made clear before starting any additional work.

For further details of the database repair service, please send an email with details of your file(s).
A secure location will be made available for file transfers.

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Please use the contact form below if you wish to make use of the database repair service or if you have any questions.

Colin Riddington                         Mendip Data Systems                         Last Updated 12 Jan 2024

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