First Published 7 Apr 2023

This short article describes a bug which affects datasheets in forms as well as queries and tables.

To replicate the bug:
a)   open a datasheet and add a totals row from the ribbon.
b)   Add totals data to one or more fields. It doesn't matter what totals item is used
c)   Click in the totals row then scroll the records with the mouse. The totals data will overlay part of the record data for that field

d)   Repeat for another field - first click in the totals row then scroll the records with the mouse. The previos field is now OK but the new field is now overlaid

e)   Repeat for a field with no totals data - a similar effect occurs. All except the first two characters are overlaid with blank space. The first two characters are where the totals dropdown appears

f)   Finally repeat for the first field. This time the word 'Total' overlays the data


NOTE: The bug is easily avoided! Don't click in the totals row or click in the records before scrolling


I have created a short YouTube video to demonstrate the behaviour. This is available at or you can click below:


I have informed the Access team and it is likely that the bug will be addressed at some point.

As the issue is a display bug and does not affect important functionality, I would expect that it isn't likely to be the the top of their list of priorities!


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Colin Riddington           Mendip Data Systems                 Last Updated 7 Apr 2023

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