Download a Demo / Evaluation Version

Demo / evaluation versions of several school and business applications are available to download,

The demo versions are split databases with a 32-bit ACCDE frontend and a password protected ACCDB backend. These require 32-bit Microsoft Access (version 2010 or later).
The demo versions cannot be used with 64-bit Access

Each DEMO version is supplied with example staff, student and school data based on a fictitious school, Mendip Heights.

The demo versions work like the release versions of the products, but with some restrictions:
   - Staff and student data cannot be imported or exported.
   - Email is disabled
   - Program code is not accessible

Evaluation versions are fully functional but may only be used for a limited number of days.

Demo Versions

School Data Analyser    (SDA)

SDA Version 5337 DEMO   11/12/2017  (approx 890 MB)


SDA Program Features

Curriculum Enrichment Organiser    (CEO)

CEO Version 1712 DEMO  13/12/2017   (approx 79 MB)


CEO Program Features

School Payments System     (SPS)

SPS Version 1901 DEMO 10/01/2019  (approx 52 MB)


SPS Program Features

Evaluation Versions     (Time Limited)

Exam Timer     (ET)

Exam Timer Version 1903 Evaluation   09/03/2019  (approx 1 MB)

UK Postal Address Finder     (UKPAF)

UKPAF Version 347 Evaluation   23/04/2019  (approx 119 MB)

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