Attached are a series of security challenges that have been posted on several Access forums including Access World Forums and Utter Access.

All have been designed to show ways of making Access apps reasonably secure as well as (hopefully) being 'fun' challenges to solve.

All the challenges are intended to be solvable without hacking.
Indeed trying to do so will probably make them harder to solve.
Follow the clues provided in each challenge description and the challenges themselves

You may need to search online for solutions to certain parts of the challenges

Access databases, including these, can NEVER be made 100% secure
A capable and determined hacker can break any Access database given sufficient time and motivation
However, by erecting various barriers, it is certainly possible to make the process so difficult and time consuming that it isn't normally worth attempting

The challenges increase in difficulty so it is suggested that they are attempted in the order listed. Click the links for further information and to download the challenge.

1.  Show/Hide Tables

2.  Hidden Message

3.  Activation Challenge

4.  Encrypted Split No Strings

5.  Complex Deep Hidden Attachment Mystery

I hope you enjoy puzzling out these challenges
Additional challenges may be added in future so please return to find what has been added.

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7.  Combobox Zombies Puzzle

8.  Locked and disabled control puzzle

Click the links below for detailed articles on the security of Access file formats

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