First Published 2 Sep 2023

A large number of analysis tools are available from this website - both free and paid. These include:

1.   Database Analyzer Pro (paid)

      This is a commercial application which is used to quickly analyze the contents of any Access database.

      Features include:
      a)   view and analyze database objects, object metadata and get object sizes.
      b)   view table data and table design.
      c)   view table fields and field properties.
      d)   View query properties, design, SQL and data
      e)   view relationships and VBA references
      f)   get a complete list of VBA procedures and view code
      g)   view object dependencies
      h)   view database properties

      A wide range of reports are also available.

      Click here for more information.

2.   Table Analyzer & Viewer Pro (paid)

      This may be useful if you don't need all the information from the above Database Analyzer Pro app.
      It allows you to quickly analyze the tables and their fields in any Access database without opening it directly.

      It can be particularly useful when taking over existing applications from clients where a detailed understanding of the structure and size of each table is an important first
      step in planning any work required.

Table Sizes
      Click here for more information.

3.   Table Analyzer & Viewer (free)

      This free utility is a cut down version of the Table Analyzer & Viewer Pro app. It allows you to quickly analyze the tables in any external database.
      For each table the table type, number of fields and records are shown together with the table size (disk space occupied).

All Tables
      Click here for more information.

4.   Available Connections (free)

      This utility can be used to monitor the number of open databases/tables that can be created before the 'cannot open any more databases error appears.
      This info can help developers reduce the number of connections used by database objects.

      The utility is available as a standalone application or an Access add-in

Available Connections
      Click here for more information.

5.   System Metrics (free)

      This provides detailed information about system metric or system configuration settings.

System Metrics 1
      Click here for more information.

6.   View External Tables (free)

      This is used to get a list of all tables in any selected database and view the table contents

ExtDB Tables Main Form
      Click here for more information.

7.   View All Database Objects & Metadata (free)

      This allows you to get a list of all database objects and view the metadata for each object: date created / date modified / object description

Database Objects
      Click here for more information.

8.   Get full list of VBA references & locations (free)

      This provides code for two simple routines giving a list of VBA references and their locations.

Reference Log File
      Click here for more information.

9.   Access Error Codes (free)

      This provides a list of all Access error codes in Access 2010.
      Code is also provided so you can compile a list of error codes in other versions of Access

Error Codes
      Click here for more information.

10.   Full List of Articles

      For a full list of all articles on this website, see the Site Map or use the Site Search feature.


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