UK Postal Address Finder  (UKPAF)

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This is used to obtain a full list of postal addresses for selected UK postcodes


Data is obtained from the following sources:

a) Postcode data from based on data released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS)

b) Postal address data for selected postcodes is obtained in the form of JSON files from an online provider (Ideal-Postcodes)

c) Online maps (Google)


There are approximately 1.7 active million postcodes & 28 million postal addresses in the UK. Typically, each postcode has between 20-40 addresses


Select a postcode & the full list of postal addresses plus a static Google map for that postcode are imported and processed in less than a second. In addition the unique delivery point reference number (UDPRN) is obtained for each address and the precise location is marked on the map


Additional features include:

a) address searches using the UDPRN

b) obtaining full addresses from partial addresses

c) creation of a daily itinerary together with route maps and directions

d) digital signature capture for use with customer delivery systems

e) Nearby places - search for e.g. restaurants within a set distance  NEW

f) Postcodes from geolocation - get current location & nearest postcodes  NEW

g) Location Finder - find a location by postcode area, district or sector   NEW


Up to 20 free searches are available each day. If additional searches are required, credits must be purchased from the Ideal-Postcodes website. Prices start at 3p per search including VAT (but reducing in price for large scale use).


The applicaton is available in 3 versions: Standard, Professional and Tablet.

Select the number of concurrent users required (1,3,5,10 or site licence).

The license includes 90 days email/telephone support.

Full program code is NOT supplied but can be purchased at an additional cost


Click here to purchase the latest version of the UKPAF application


Click here to download the user guide for the application (PDF file)

AddressFinder AddressAutoComplete AddressFinder UDPRN PostcodeDetails RoutePlanner RoutePlanner3

A free evaluation version is also available to allow users to try out the application before purchasing.


Almost all features are available but with the following restrictions:

a) time-limited (expires after 15 days)

b) a total of 20 postcode searches are allowed

c) reinstallation is not allowed


Click here to download the free evaluation version  (approx 120 MB zipped)


Current Version 3.46         Updated 22/06/2018

SignatureCapture LocationFinder4 NearbyPlaceDetail1 NearbyPlaces1


A free cut down version of this application is also available:

     UK Postcodes Address Lookup


This is provided free as an ACCDE executable file or the source code can be purchased at a reasonable price