The following applications are currently available for purchase:
   Database Analyzer Pro (DAP)
   JSON Analyse & Transform for Access (JATFA)
   UK Postal Address Finder  (UKPAF)    
   School Data Analyser (SDA)
   SDA Link
   School Payments System (SPS)
   Curriculum Enrichment Organiser (CEO)
   Exam Timer (ET)

Please click on any of these items for further details OR click here to make a Purchase

DEMO versions are available for several of these apps so you can try out the features before deciding whether to purchase.

Please contact us by email for further details about our commercial applications.

In addition, many items are available at no cost including:
   Example Applications
   Code Samples
   Access Add-Ins
   Security Challenges
   Access Articles
   Access & Windows Blog
   Access Europe User Group
   YouTube Videos
   News & Events

Several of these items have previously been published in various forums such as Access World Forums and Utter Access.
Additional free resources are being added each week

Some of the commercial applications and almost all example applications are open source databases.
This means that full program code is supplied so that the application can be customised to suit individual needs.

However, a few example applications are supplied as free ACCDE files. In such cases, this means the code is not available to view.

Source code can also be purchased for the following applications:
   Translate & Speak
   Table Analyzer & Viewer
   Currency Exchange Rate Tracker
   Student ICT Database
   UK Postcode Address Lookup

Elsewhere on this site, you can also find
a)     free downloads related to the monthly Access Europe User Group online sessions
b)     shorter articles on various Access, Office & Windows Blog topics
c)     longer, in-depth Articles & Guidance topics

For a complete list of all articles on this website, see the Site Map or use the Site Search feature.


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