The applications on this page are free to download and free to use.
Almost all items are supplied with full program code and will work in both 32-bit and 64-bit Access unless stated otherwise.

We do not give the same support to these programs as for our commercial programs.
However, please contact us if you have questions or suggestions for improvements.

Access Error Codes

Version 3.1            Last updated: 6 Mar 2019

This contains details of all VBA errors for Access 2010 as supplied by Microsoft

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Application Tips

Version 1.0            Last updated: 8 Jun 2022

This example app shows how a form can be opened at startup to display a set of randomly chosen tips. When the tips form is displayed the rest of the screen is automatically dimmed to get users' attention. Individual users may choose to hide the application tips if preferred.

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ASCII Character Set

Version 1.0            Last updated: 23 July 2022

This is a quick reference database giving all the ASCII character codes (0-255). ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. An ASCII code is the numerical representation of a character such as 'a' or '@' or an action of some sort.

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Attention Seeking Database

Version 6.6            Last updated: 25 May 2022

This app demonstrates various ways of getting users' attention.
As well as more familiar methods such as message boxes, features include:
- Flashing, scrolling and balloon tooltip text
- Dim / blur / remove background
- Use of warning sounds, text to speech, animation, fade & user messages

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Available Connections

Version 3.0            Last updated: 30 Sept 2020

An Access database can create up to 255 simltaneous connections to local & linked tables.
However, if a large number of connections are left open, the performance of the application will deteriorate & eventually it may crash with a message: 'Cannot open any more tables' or 'Cannot open any more databases'.  

This utility can be used to monitor the number of open databases/tables that can be created before these errors appear.

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Better Date Picker

Version 1.4            Last updated: 8 Jun 2022

This is a better date picker that has no Active X controls and can also be used in 64-bit Access.

The latest version automatically assigns the first day of week and regional date format to match those in Windows settings. In addition, it shows the day and month names in the regional language currently in use.

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Cascading Combo Boxes

Version 3.5            Last updated: 6 Mar 2019

This is the first in a series showing different ways of filtering and grouping data in Access.

Cascading combo boxes are particularly useful where you have a very large dataset that would be impossibly slow to search using a single combo box or listbox.

This is a cut-down version of the postcode builder used in the UK Postal Address Finder application (UKPAF)

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CDO EMail Tester

Version 2201            Last updated: 10 Jan 2022

This is used to test sending HTML or plain text emails directly from Access without using Outlook. If there are issues with email settings, error messages are displayed to assist with fixing the problem(s).

This is compatible with both 32-bit & 64-bit Access and includes a fix for GMail issues

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Colour Conditions

Version 2.1            Last updated: 6 Mar 2019

This is a companion to the Colour Converter / Selector example.

In earlier versions of Access, only 3 colour formats could be applied whether using VBA or the conditional formatting wizard. From Access 2010 onwards, the limit was significantly increased to 50 using the wizard but the limit of 3 formats still applies using VBA.

This example shows how to obtain an unlimited number of colour formats without using conditional formatting either in VBA or by using the wizard.

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Colour Converter & Selector

Version 2.21    Last updated: 31 Dec 2020

This is a simple application to demonstrate two different methods for selecting and converting colours between the three different formats used by Access: OLE, RGB & HEX.

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Combobox Zombies

Version 1.0            Last updated: 26 Oct 2018

This is a small puzzle for anyone interested.
The example application contains a form with a combo box whose row source is an empty value list. Yet the combo containds several values when viewed.

Can you work out where the combo list info is stored?
Better still can you re-create this scenario in another database?

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Continuous subform selection using the vertical scrollbar

Version 1.7            Last updated: 16 July 2022

Normally, when the vertical scrollbar on a continuous form scrolls through the records, it doesn't change the 'current record' i.e. no selection is actually made without clicking.

However, this example app shows how records in a continuous subform can be 'selected' using the vertical scrollbar.

This can be useful for rapid record selection

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Control the Application Interface

Version 3.62            Last updated: 22 July 2022

This example shows how the Access application interface can be controlled in various ways including hiding the navigation pane, ribbon, taskbar and the entire application window.

Some of these methods can be used to help make a database more secure.

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Countdown Timer

Version 1910            Last updated: 16 Oct 2019

This is a countdown timer similar to that found on all smartphones.
Set the time interval (min /sec) and optionally play a selected sound (wav) file when time is up.

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Create Custom Splash Form

Version 1.1            Last updated: 17 July 2022

This article and example app demonstrates how the Access splash screen can be replaced with your own custom splash form.

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Currency Exchange Rate Tracker

Version 1.51            Last updated: 8 Mar 2019

This gets the latest exchange rates in JSON format from an online data source.

Exchange rates are updated daily for a selection of common currencies.
Changes in exchange rates can also be tracked over time and plotted as a chart.

NOTE: The free version of this app is supplied as an ACCDE file so code is not available.
However, full program code can be purchased for a small fee

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Day Tracker

Version 1.0            Last updated: 25 Jun 2017

This is a simple day tracker for counting the number of days since an event or until an event

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Emulated Split Form

Version 11.0            Last updated: 9 Feb 2019

This demonstrates the use of an emulated split form which was designed to overcome many of the limitations of the standard version supplied with Access

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Extended File Properties

Version 2.2            Last updated: 2 Sept 2021

This utility provides an easy way of obtaining and storing all the extended properties for an individual file or all files of a specified type in a selected folder.

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Folder Image Viewer

Version 3.5            Last updated: 9 July 2022

This example app shows how to show thumbnails of all images in a selected folder / subfolders. The orientation of JPEG images from cameras / phones may also be rotated to ensure these are displayed correctly in Access

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Get Current Geolocation

Version 2.9    Last updated: 22 Apr 2019

This utility is used to determine your current geolocation in Access
It displays latitude, longitude and the address of your current location together with a map

Location services MUST be enabled in Windows settings.
A free Google Maps API key is required

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Get Geolocation From Photos

Version 1.2    Last updated: 25 Oct 2019

This is a companion to the Get Current Geolocation utility

It displays the latitude, longitude, altitude and the date/time taken for JPEG images from mobile phones and digital cameras. A map is displayed showing the location where the photo was taken

Location services MUST be enabled in your camera/phone
A free Google Maps API key is required

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JET ShowPlan Manager

Version 2.7            Last updated: 26 Nov 2021

The Jet ShowPlan feature is used to view the execution plan of Access queries and SQL statements. The query execution plan is a set of instructions to the database engine that tell it how to execute a query as quickly as possible

In order to use the JET ShowPlan feature, you first need to setup the feature in the registry. This requires knowledge of the correct locations for several registry keys, some of which depend on Windows & Access versions & 'bitness' and whether Office 365 is installed.

The JET ShowPlan Manager application is designed to make this process as simple as possible.

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Kiosk Style 'Locked' Database

Version 2.1            Last updated: 28 Aug 2017

A kiosk style database intended for use with a barcode scanner and which can be 'locked'
The main purpose is to maintain focus on an Access form by preventing users moving outside the database 'window'.

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Limit the Number of Records

Version 1.1            First Published: 27 July 2022

This is a simple application demonstrating how the number of records in a subform can be limited to a specified value with minimal code required

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Listbox Mouse Move Item Tooltips

Version 1.5            Last updated: 2 Jul 2022

This shows show how listbox items can be 'selected' using a mouse move event without clicking the listbox.

This can be used to show e.g. images and tooltips for each row item.
The code works even where a vertical scrollbar is needed to view all listbox items.

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Live Currency Exchange Ticker

Version 1.2            Last updated: 31 Dec 2020

This is an alternative approach to viewing the latest currency exchange data in Access.
A web browser control is used to view LIVE data in a specified web page.

The example web page used includes two HTML snippet scripts available freely online:
-  scrolling ticker tape format
-  simple currency exchange table

The approach can be adapted to use any live data from the internet e.g. sports scores, share prices, weather forecasts etc

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Logged In Users

Version 3.1            Last updated: 20 Oct 2018

This is an updated version of a old utility originally created by David Crake to view users logged into a selected database

This version works with both ACCDB & MDB files including those protected by a password.

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Multiple Group & Filter

Version 1.8            Last updated: 9 Jan 2019

This is the third in a series showing different ways of filtering and grouping data in Access.

It includes two different examples showing the use of multiple combo boxes & toggle buttons to filter, group data & chart data.

The examples are:
a)   Student Target Group Explorer - as used in UK secondary schools to identify students
           in specified target groups so that appropriate action could be taken and results analysed.
b)   Incident Analysis - a modified version of a form used by clients working for Transport
      for London (TfL) to analyse vandalism and graffiti incidents on the London tube network.

Both examples use fictitious data

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Password Login (with Session Login Information)

Version 5.4            Last updated: 10 Feb 2021

This is an updated version of another old utility written by David Crake and is a companion to the Logged In Users utility.

I have converted it to ACCDB format and modified the code so it will work in any version of Access from 2007 onwards (32-bit or 64-bit)

Other changes include stronger encryption of passwords using an RC4 cipher, management of expired passwords and user access levels

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Patient Login (Kiosk Mode)

Version 3.0            Last updated: 29 Oct 2018

This is the second in a series showing different ways of filtering and grouping data in Access.

It is an example of a typical patient login system similar to that used in my local medical practice. It would normally be used on a touch screen with no keyboard and occupy the entire screen (kiosk mode).

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Populate Junction Table

Version 1.0            Last updated: 28 May 2022

The example database shows several ways of quickly adding records to a junction table. This is mainly for use when a design change leads to a junction table being added after records have already been added to the two adjacent tables.

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Reaction Timer

Version 2.1            Last updated: 15 Jan 2019

I was working on a project involving random events and calculating time intervals to millisecond accuracy. So I decided to use both ideas in a simple application for measuring reaction times and thought it might be fun for others to play with

The idea is to respond to an event that occurs after a random delay & in a random position on the screen.

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Rich Text Editor

Version 1.1            Last updated: 1 Mar 2022

This article demonstrates the use of rich text in a long text (memo) field and shows how to view the underlying code. It also compares the use of rich text and true HTML in Access forms

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Set a group of controls as visible/hidden, enabled/disabled or locked/unlocked

Version 3.0            Last updated: 29 Jan 2022

This application demonstrates how to set various states of a group of controls at the same time using the Tag property.

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Signature Capture & Ink Edit

Version 1.0            Last updated: 2 Oct 2017

Two example databases intended mainly for use with Windows tablets.
1. Capture customer signatures as images
2. Convert text input by hand into standard text

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Speaking Clock

Version 2.0    Last updated: 10 Sept 2017

This is a simple speaking clock to demonstrate the use of text to speech (TTS).

UK residents may recognise that it is based on the old speaking clock provided by BT.

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SQL to VBA and back again

Version 3.03            Last updated: 28 Sept 2018

This is a an enhanced version of a utility originally created by Allen Browne.
It was designed to help developers convert query SQL to VBA (or vice versa)

Version 3.03 fixes issue with Copy to Clipboard in 64-bit Access

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Student ICT Database

Version 1901            Last updated: 23 Jan 2019

Originally intended for use in schools and colleges.
This can be used to maintain students' (or staff) network user names and passwords easily.

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Subform Shrink & Grow

Version 2.0            Last updated: 26 Jun 2018

This is a very simple application to show how, at the click of a button, a subform can be shrunk & hidden or made visible & enlarged.

The idea is to remove unwanted white space in a form when the subform is hidden

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Synchronise Subform Scrolling

Version 2.0            Last updated: 28 July 2022

This shows a simple method of synchronising the horizontal or vertical scrolling of two (or more) subforms where no code is needed.

A second example shows a more powerful approach based on an updated version of Stephen Lebans' GetSetScrollbars code for both continuous and datasheet forms

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System Metrics

Version 1.1             Last updated: 6 Mar 2019

The GetSystemMetrics API provides detailed information about system configuration and display settings. This article includes an example database for checking these values

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System Tray Alerts

Version 1.6            Last updated: 24 May 2018

This application demonstrates how you can use Access to create popup messages in the system tray notifications area.

This is ideal if you want to alert users to issues such as:
- Product support or licence about to expire
- A new version available on the application website

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Text to Speech

Version 2.0    Last updated: 2 Oct 2017

This is a simple demo to show how text to speech can be added to an Access database.

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Translate & Speak

Version 4.3    Last updated: 31 Dec 2021

This application demonstrates the use of both Google Translate and Text to Speech in Access.
Text may be entered in (and translated to) any supported language (109 in total).

In addition, the text may be 'spoken' using any installed voice for that language.
Currently, voices are available for up to 35 languages in Windows 10.

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UK Postcode Finder

Version 2.02     Last updated: 5 Dec 2017

This is a fully searchable database of all current UK postcodes. It provides more info than you'll ever need to know about each postcode together with a Google static map of the location

NOTE: This is a free cut down version of the UK Postal Address Finder app

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UK Postcode Address & House Price Lookup

Version 1.2     Last updated: 8 Dec 2019

This app is used to get a list of addresses & house price info for selected UK postcodes together with the geo-coordinates and a static Google map for that postcode

This is a free cut down version of the UK Postal Address Finder app and is supplied as an ACCDE executable file. Source code can be purchased separately if required

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View & Edit Import/Export (IMEX) Data Task Specifications

Version 2.2            Last updated: 10 Jan 2021

A new wizard driven XML based system of Import/Export Data Tasks was introduced with Access 2010. However, ease of use has also led to greater obscurity in how it works

This utility can help manage these IMEX data tasks. It contains code to do the following:
a)   View Import/Export Specifications
b)   Execute Data Task / Run Data Task
c)   Modify Data Task Path
d)   Modify Data Task Destination
e)   Rename Data Task
f)    Delete Data Task

The utility is intended for use by program admins when deploying ACCDE or ACCDB files

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View External Tables

Version 2.3            Last updated: 28 Nov 2019

This utility will list all tables in selected external databases. Users have the option of selecting any/all of the following types of table: local/ hidden/system/linked.

You can also view and (optionally) edit the contents of almost all external tables from the utility without actually linking the tables

It will work successfully:
a)  with ACCDB / ACCDE / MDB / MDE files
b)  with password protected files where this information is entered on the main form
c)  on the current database
d)  in 32-bit or 64-bit Access (there are no API declarations)

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Web Version Checker

Version 2.0            Last updated: 12 Oct 2019

This example app is designed to show how users can be alerted to program updates on a specified web page.

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Working with Time Zones

Version 2.3            Last updated: 11 Nov 2021

This free utility shows the current date & time in selected time zones with the times being updated each second. Daylight saving time adjustments are included where applicable

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